Gabby SassyNew Lift

Meet 12 year-old Gabrielle. She has cerebral palsy and several complications in her life. She has endured 15 surgeries since birth. The last procedure was in May and afterwards she lost her ability to crawl. Gabrielle is also cognitively underdeveloped. She is still a cheerful girl despite her daily tribulations.

Gabrielle has many interests, just like any other child her age. She listens to hip-hop and rap music, with Beyoncé being her favorite performing artist. She also watches movies on Netflix and Youtube. She has probably watched The Lego Movie more than any other film. She faces her disability with a rare power of heart. That makes her extraordinary.

Gabrielle needed a wheelchair lift for the family vehicle. Her mom cannot put the heavy chair inside the car, and requires a lift to carry the wheelchair to appointments and Gabrielle’s school. Thank you to HARMAR for donating a brand new lift to help Gabrielle’s family get the lift they so desperately need for Gabrielle. Thank you Mobility Service Inc of Tampa Bay for installing it! Team work makes the dream work!!