Greyson in New Stroller

Greyson gets a new adaptive stroller! Greyson needed a special needs stroller to travel with his family.  Now he will be able to get around safely and comfortably!

Meet 5 year-old Greyson. This sweet child has to endure many unfathomable hardships. He had  brain damage after a rare condition caused a stroke. He also suffers from severe muscle weakness. He can walk with assistance, but his legs frequently lose their strength. His cognitive level is also underdeveloped and he cannot speak. Greyson gets through each day by finding comfort with simple things.

Many people read a good book to relax. Greyson is soothed by holding a book in his hands and turning the pages. He also cuddles with a collection of fuzzy blankets, which makes him feel very cozy. There is nothing more comforting, however, than mom. She holds her little boy when he is having a particularly difficult day. Her warm embrace puts his troubled heart at ease. And now with his new stroller, can also bring him some comfort.