Henry Gets an Updated Power Chair!


Wheelchairs 4 Kids needed a generous sponsor to help modify Henry’s power chair. The only wheelchair that was available for Henry was unsuited as well as unsafe and needed repairs. Custom Mobility came to the rescue and helped us by performing the repairs and modifications at a greatly reduced cost!  Henry is now using his newly refurbished chair every day in school and can be more independent while maintaining progress and keeping up with his classmates.

17 year-old Henry has Cerebral Palsy, resulting in difficulty sitting upright and trouble maneuvering a manual wheelchair. Henry, however, does not allow these and other challenges to become limitations.

Henry is very intelligent and this shows through his various interests. He enjoys learning about the fascinating people who have helped cultivate history. Henry’s passion, however, is the computer. He plays p.c. games and he keeps in touch with friends using social networking websites. Someday Henry would like to attend college and work hard towards a computer engineering degree. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, might discover his next competitor is the determined and ambitious Henry!