Meet Hunter!



Meet 11-year-old Hunter. A tragic accident involving whiplash caused him to have spastic quadriplegia and cerebral palsy. He has spent much of his childhood in the hospital. He also cannot walk and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Hunter remains positive despite the life-changing accident.


Hunter is a sweet boy who enjoys every moment. He likes going to the movies, and his favorites are Transformers and Avengers. He attends school and cannot wait for lunch and recess. Hunter also likes math, but he does not easily admit it. He even enjoys going shopping with mom. He gets angry if she leaves him at home. Most of all, Hunter has a good heart. He talks to everybody at the mall. He shrugs it off if they do not respond. Hunter could easily wake up in the morning grumpy. Instead, his smile is as bright as the dawning sun, and he always begins the day by saying, “Good morning!” In life, accidents happen. We would like to reverse them, but maybe that would alter too much. For every accident there is a blessing. For every tragedy there is a triumph. The trick is to find that miracle that makes it all worthwhile. Meet inspiring Hunter and understand why perfection is never an accident.


Hunter needs a special activity chair called a tomato seat. The new equipment will give Hunter another safe way to sit and be comfortable while interacting with his family. 



Hunter received his Special Tomato seat and activity tray. This special seat provides Hunter with a safe and comfortable alternative to his wheelchair when at home. The activity tray gives him the opportunity to use the seat for various activities like watching videos on his tabloet, making puzzles and even enjoying a snack!