Jaycob gets a Custom Car Seat!

jaycob success

Jaycob was using a car seat that was way too small for him. Wheelchairs 4 Kids helped Jaycob get a custom car seat for the family minivan. Jaycob is now more comfortable and safer in the specialized seating system. Jaycob is traveling in style now!

Jaycob is a 14 year-old-boy who was diagnosed with multiple challenges, including Cerebral Palsy and Seizure Disorder. Jaycob is completely dependent on others for mobility. He also is unable to support himself in a sitting position. The sweet boy, however, fights his illness with a youthful strength.

Jaycob likes to stimulate his imagination through books, and his favorite is the always inquisitive Curious George. Television is another pastime Jaycob enjoys, and he dawns a big smile watching the big-eared Mickey Mouse. Nothing makes the boy more contented, though, like mom’s cooking. She loves making Jaycob homemade heaven and hearing him say “Mmmm!”

photo 1-2The seat on the left is the new custom car seat, the seat on the right is the old one!