Meet Jayden!



Meet five-year-old Jayden. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He spent most of his first year in the hospital and endured many surgeries.  He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He also cannot walk or support himself in a sitting position. Jayden is a strong boy despite his limitations.


Jayden has a couple interests which distract from his daily trials. He listens to music. He hears his favorite songs and squeals and wiggles with excitement. Jayden has a good appetite, especially for juicy cheeseburgers. The disabled boy also works hard to exercise. He loves riding on his adaptive tricycle. He is wobbly and unbalanced, but maybe someday he will leave his disability in the dust.


Wheelchairs 4 Kids stepped up to the plate and helped Jayden get the special backing he needed! Now Jayden can use his trike everyday and continue building his lower extremity strength to help him on the road to walking!