Meet Jayden!



Meet nine-year-old Jayden. He was diagnosed with two genetic disorders which result in numerous trials. He is nonverbal and cognitively challenged.  He has hypotonia and seizures. His bones are brittle and at risk of breaking. He also uses a walker to be independent. The young boy is very blessed even with his disability.

 Jayden’s parents endeavor to ensure their son has a fulfilling life. Dad and son form the perfect home team as they sit and watch baseball, rooting for the Boston Red Sox. Jayden’s mom plays music guaranteed to make him smile. She puts educational games and videos on his IPad so he can have fun while learning new things. She uses the special ingredient of love when cooking his favorite rice dishes. Mom and dad even give Jayden as much independence as possible, like allowing him to pour his own glass of milk. Jayden enjoys the sense of accomplishment performing simple tasks. Mom and dad do this and more while still caring for his daily needs. The humble mom and dad never want anything for themselves, but they feel wonderful when given a sweet reward. Jayden shows gratitude and affection for his parents by giving them lots of hugs and kisses. Meet Jayden and his family. They exemplify all that is good in this world.

 Jayden is requesting an adaptive tricycle to improve his overall strength and stamina. He will also have fun while riding the trike. 




The day Jayden’s trike arrived he was ready to get rolling! Mom told us he could keep repeating “bike, bike!”Using his therapy trike everyday will help improve his leg strength and cardiovascular endurance.