Meet Jiovanny and Johnathan. These twin boys are eight-years-old and were diagnosed with numerous illnesses, including cerebral palsy, microcephaly, AND global developmental delay. They share the same challenges resulting from these conditions. Both boys are unable to walk or crawl. They are also cognitively impaired, and speech is limited to a few words. Jiovanny and Jonathan, however, communicate using sign language. These twins share other things, too.

They have common interests. Both children watch cartoons with Mickey Mouse. They listen to children’s music. Jiovanny and Jonathan also like anything with farm animals. More importantly, they are inseparable best friends. They are always and forever joined at the heart.

Jiovanny and Jonathan both need adaptive strollers to make transportation safer and easier. 



These amazing twin brothers each received their very own adaptive strollers! Mom is so happy that they fit comfortably and are much safer than in their previous strollers!