Joanaria Gets Her Wheelchair Back!

joanariasuccpicRecently Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help Joanaria get back her customized wheelchair. Unbelievably, the wheelchair was taken away from the disabled girl, because the family could not afford the insurance deductible. We are so proud that we were able to return freedom and happiness to Joanaria.

11 year-old Joanaria is a lovely girl who had a stroke at the age of 7 and was diagnosed with a disorder called Moyamoya disease which is a rare condition in which the walls of the carotid arteries thicken and the arteries narrow, restricting or blocking the blood flow to the brain. This condition is what caused the stroke and the daily seizures that Joanaria experiences. Joanaria has also had multiple surgeries on her heart and brain. Describing Joanaria’s life as challenging would be an understatement, but her trials are surpassed by her strength of spirit.

Joanaria is always eager to listen to great worship music and she loves to sing and dance as if each movement was a cure. She is in 6th grade and is always enthusiastic to read a captivating book. There is one more favorite activity for Joanaria. Her passion is cheerleading and this upbeat girl has been named honorary cheerleader at her school. This leads to a remarkable quality about Joanaria. Here is an 11 year-old girl who has already experienced a stroke, and yet her biggest wish is to spread joy among other people.

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