Meet Jocelyn!



Meet seven-year-old Josie. She was diagnosed with Partial trisomy Chromosome 20, a rare disorder that can be very frustrating. Her biggest challenge is having balance deficits. Unfortunately, Josie is frequently in danger of falling and being injured. She is still a joyful girl despite this obstacle.


Josie has a few interests that distract from her disability. Most of her likes have something in common, dogs. Her favorite television show is Paw Patrol. She never gets tired of reading her favorite book by Dr. sues, Go Dog, Go. She listens to music and always plays Who Let the Dogs out. She has one unique and special passion, her Dancing for Donations class. Dancing is difficult for this girl who falls easily, but she finds ways to do it safely and with a smile that could brighten a ballroom. See this sweet girl dance and be the one to fall…in love with brave Josie.


Josie needed stabilizing wheels on her bicycle, so she can exercise and strengthen her legs. Now she gets some much needed exercise and mom can rest assured that she is safe while doing so.