Meet Jose Ricardo!



Meet 15-year-old Jose. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. He began his life by spending almost two years in the hospital. Jose has limited speech capability. He is also currently learning how to walk. Furthermore, he has limited use of one arm. Jose has other limitations, but his spirit is never confined.


Jose enjoys numerous activities. He watches Peppa Pig and Bob Builder. He likes racing sports, too. His favorite movie is The Karate Kid. Jose is very responsible, and it shows.  He attends school and completes his homework so he can have fun on his tablet. Jose also likes playing catch, even though he can only use one arm. Jose is determined to succeed. A disabled boy who can catch a ball one-handed can do anything.


Jose needs a Rifton gait trainer to improve his overall well being while increasing his ability to walk. He is eager to find independence and explore his surroundings. 


From the moment Jose was placed in his gait trainer he did not stop walking around. What a wonderful feeling it was to see him enjoy walking around. We are sure he hasn’t stopped since!!