Meet Kathleen!



Meet 13-year-old Katie. She was diagnosed with a rare lipid storage disorder that affects the nervous system. Katie was once a healthy and outgoing girl. The illness altered her life forever, she is now nonverbal and introverted. She is also unable to walk and needs help with everyday tasks. Katie does her best to remain happy.


Katie would probably like to be an ordinary girl. She is a huge fan of the Frozen movie. Her bedroom is filled with memorabilia from the hit film. She might be seen watching Frozen while eating her favorite lunch, mac and cheese. She’s quite an accomplished cook, too. Each weekend she practices her culinary skills by baking sweet treats. Katie is very smart in and out of the kitchen. She made her family proud by graduating from the 7th grade. More importantly, Katie never complains about her disability. Katie’s biggest concern is her family. Katie cries whenever her siblings get into trouble. She also gets upset when her younger brother, who has the same illness, struggles with his own challenges. Katie would probably like to be ordinary. Instead, she is extraordinary.


Katie needs special equipment to improve her posture and strength. Please be a sponsor for the beautiful girl!


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Kathleen received her equipment last week. Keeping her in a proper and confortable position has been so much easier, says Mom happily. She even gets some extra physical therapy benefits from it!