Meet Kayleen!



Meet 19-year-old Kayleen. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, seizure disorder and developmental delay. Kayleen is nonverbal and cognitively equivalent to a toddler. She is also unable to walk. The numerous challenges do not hinder Kayleen’s spirit.


Kayleen is highly upbeat and cheerful. She embraces her girly side by dressing up in pink or purple clothes and striking adorable poses in the mirror. Kayleen enjoys doing arts and crafts at her school for disabled children, known as No Limits Academy. She loves being around people, especially at praise and worship services. Kayleen is a lovable girl. She gives hugs and kisses, and sometimes her hugs turn into breathtaking squeezes. She gives high fives, too. Kayleen’s heart is worn on her sleeves, or more clearly, on her foot.  She wiggles her feet whenever feeling happy. Kayleen is so cheerful that she nearly dances out of her wheelchair! Meet Kayleen and discover the meaning of joy.


Kayleen needs a wheelchair ramp for her home. Currently, leaving is unsafe and difficult because of their home’s stairs. Please be her sponsor so she can securely continue to spread her cheer to the world!  



Kayleen’s family finally has the ramp they wanted. Havin this ramp means they no longer have to carry Kayleen into their home each time they have to go out or come back. Lifting Kayleen and her wheelchair had caused mom to have severe back problems making each trip extremely painful. This not only eliminates the painful experience for mom but also ensures Kayleen’s safety.