Kaylee gets a Custom Tilt Wheelchair!


Kaylee with Savannah Pic 2

January 2014- Kaylee receives a custom pink tilt wheelchair! Kaylee had not been outside or in a chair since early December as her old chair was far too small and painful.  Thank you to Custom Mobility, Inc. for helping Wheelchairs 4 Kids and Kaylee get this amazing wheelchair!

Kaylee is a sweet eight-year-old girl who fights valiantly against her disorder,  Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). MLD is progressive and sadly it will eventually impair most functions. Kaylee cannot walk or independently sit upright which results in difficulty with interacting and playing like most children. She is also unable to eat without a tube; this must be frustrating for a child who might want a Happy Meal treat or a dessert hot from grandma’s oven.  There are a few things in Kaylee’s life that she can enjoy, and one of them is Tinkerbell.  Watching the beloved Disney character makes Kaylee’s eye sparkle like fairy dust.

Kaylee’s new wheelchair allows her to enjoy more things.  She now has a comfortable and safe means of mobility for her family to get her outside and to go on family outings! Enjoy the sunshine Kaylee!

Kaylee with Savannah Pic 3