Kenneth Receives His Therapy Tricycle!

Meet 12-year-old Kenneth, nicknamed KJ.  He was diagnosed with a rare disorder known as hereditary spastic paraplegia. He also has seizure disorder and developmental delay. He is cognitively equivalent to a six-year-old child. Kenneth struggles to walk. He is quite happy despite having difficult tribulations.

Kenneth has fun with several activities. He is a fanatic for Jurassic Park and anything with scary dinosaurs. He also watches Spiderman and Frozen. His favorite song, of course, is “Let It Go.” Kenneth enjoys football, too. He has a big heart for all teams and cheers for anyone who scores. Kenneth spends time with his family in the backyard. They help the disabled boy play his favorite sport, baseball. Kenneth especially loves airplanes. He builds jets of all types. Mom takes him to therapy, and she must stop by the airport, so he can see the airplanes take off and land. Mom says that Kenneth has a movie star smile; he flashes his pearly whites, and she always gives in to his charm! Meet Kenneth. He warms our hearts, too.

Kenneth needed an adaptive tricycle to improve his overall health and independence. The trike will also help him to be more social. Kenneth has received his therapy trike, and look at that smile!!