Meet Kevin!



Meet eight-year-old Kevin. He was diagnosed with a form of brain damage known as Static encephalopathy. The condition has caused numerous tribulations. He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He also has a hard time walking, especially with his changing gait pattern as he grows. Kevin’s mobility challenges limit his desire to be more active, however, he remains very happy despite the illness.

 Kevin enjoys certain activities. His excitement for watching Elmo or Mickey Mouse on television is clear; he sees his two favorite characters and bounces, claps, and laughs. Kevin, like most kids, is a McDonald’s fan. His face lights up knowing that he has a cheeseburger inside the MCDonald’s bag; for him, this is THE happy meal! Most of all, Kevin prefers being a boy about town. He enjoys visiting the mall or simply playing outside. Open the front door and the world becomes Kevin’s playground. Beside Kevin is his dedicated and awesome mom. She is the disabled boy’s primary care giver and his biggest fan. This mother describes her son in the best way, Kevin is the most wonderful thing in the world, and I thank God for my son. .He gave me a light to my path.”

 Kevin needs a therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina, and balance. These advances will help with his walking ability. The trike will also be a fun way for Kevin to play with his friends and family. Please be his sponsor!


Kevin received his Rifton tricyle and has been able to use it every day! He smiles and laughs as he rides down the street having fun and giving his legs a great workout! Having fun on a bike is every kids right!