Wheelchairs 4 Kids helps Kevin get to appointments!

2013 12 16 016

Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to get an adaptive stroller to help Kevin and his family get him to his appointments!  Mom says, “We are very grateful for the wheelchair received! Thank you!  This has impacted our family in a positive way!  Now I am able to take my son out without having to worry about lifting heavy equipment!”

Kevin has CP and Spastic Quadriplegia.  He cannot walk or sit up independently.   He is only able to swallow pureed foods.  Medicaid recently gave him a new chair.  Unfortunately, it does not fit in his mom’s vehicle and she needs an adaptive stroller to take Kevin to his many doctor and therapy visits.

Despite Kevin’s physical challenges, he is a confident and social child.  He enjoys being around people.  He loves rap music and being outdoors.  He likes watching cartoons and being in the water, whether it is at the beach or in a swimming pool.