Kiara Gets a New Quickie Zippie!



Kiara needed a new manual wheelchair.  The one she was using was old and deteriorating and provided no support. Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help this driven girl gain more freedom by providing her with a Quickie Zippie Pediatric wheelchair.  This new chair is safer, more comfortable and helps Kiara feel secure and stress free!

10 year-old Kiara was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Kiara is unable to communicate verbally but she knows some sign language. She is determined to speak, however, and practices each day. She is also working hard at walking and trying to be more independent. Kiara currently uses a manual wheelchair, but even this task is not easy for the resolute girl. Despite all of the trials Kiara endures, she looks forward to the fun times in life.

Kiara listens to Christian music. The uplifting songs really inspire peace in her heart. She has another interest, too. Kiara likes spending time with family, especially watching her big brother playing basketball. Sometimes he includes his sister in the game and encourages her with each throw of the ball. Whether she scores or misses, Kiara’s brother makes her feel like a superstar.