Meet Kimo!



Meet 18-year-old Kimo. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. He is also  visually impaired. Kimo has numerous challenges. He is cognitively equivalent to a toddler. Kimo is mostly nonverbal, but he points and creates sounds to communicate. Furthermore, Kimo cannot walk or bear any weight on his legs, but he crawls throughout the house. Kimo is very fun and lovable even with his obstacles.


Kimo has an adorable personality to rival Elmo. He recites nearly every line from his favorite film, Ice Age. He claps his hands in time while listening to children’s music. Kimo also likes laughing. He randomly explodes in giggles and laughter as though he has his own private joke. This unexpected silliness inspires others to share in the joviality. Most of all, Kimo is a happy magnet for affection; Hugs and kisses set his heart aglow, and he lights up our lives, too.


Kimo needs a wheelchair for better mobility. He currently has a transport chair that is too small, and the poor posture causes him pain. Please be a sponsor for Kim so he can sit comfortably in a new wheelchair!


It took a plane, a boat, another plane and a car ride to get Kimo his wheelchair! Looking at his smile we know it was well worth it! Kimo finally has a custom fit wheelchair, he is safe, comfortable and most of all happy!