Liam receives an adaptive tricycle!

Working hard!

Liam needed an adaptive tricycle and last week Wheelchairs 4 Kids delivered him his own, shiny new Rifton Trike. Liam had previously used one at school for therapy but now he has one of his own at home and it’s really helping to improve his leg strength and flexibility.

Meet 4 year-old Liam, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Liam is also severely developmentally delayed. These illnesses cause a variety of barriers for Liam. He is unable to verbally communicate. Liam must work hard to keep his legs strong and flexible.

Liam really enjoys visiting the park. The outdoors and the sounds and sights of animals always make him excited and refreshed. Liam likes activities that stimulate the imagination, too. Lego toys are his favorite, especially the blue bricks! After exercise and fun stuff, Liam gets hungry for his choice snack, chocolate milk and Cheetos! Sometimes Liam just wants to chill out and listen to Bob Marley. The music gets the happy boy to smile and “feel alright!”

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