Meet Lilliann!



Meet 11-year-old Lillian. This lovely girl was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Lillian is not able to walk because of her illness. This limitation, however, only makes her more amazing.


Lilian has interests like other girls her age. She listens to popular music by Imagine Dragons or Taylor Swift. She watches Casey Undercover, a show about a teenage girl who is a detective. Lillian enjoys reading the Descendants books, and she is nearly done with the series. She is also active. Lillian has been a proud girl scout for six years. She has many friends in her troop and in school. Lillian is a brilliant student, TOO; she has been on the honor roll and principal’s list since first grade. Most importantly, Lillian has a radiant personality that lights up a room LIKE A beacon of joy.  She never meets a stranger, and friends are everywhere. However, Lillian’s best friend is her twin sister. Their bond is stronger than any illness and as magical as a miracle. Lillian is remarkable. She is unable to walk, but the limitation cannot stand against her perfection.


Lillian needs a vehicle lift for her new power chair. The lift will make transportation possible. 



Lilli was our 500th Kid to receive equipment! The vehicle lift was installed during our presentation event. Everyone had a wonderful time. The biggest smiles came from mom and dad when they learned how easy it would be to load the wheelchair on the lift. All it takes is the push of a button!!!