Wheelchairs 4 Kids helps Madison start running!




Madison is a precious 3-year-old little with a bright smile and inquisitive mind!  We were happy to present this little dynamo with a brand new dynamic stander which allows her to wheel around in a standing position.   It was an emotional moment when Madison tried it for the first time.  “Look mommy, I’m running”,  exclaimed Madison!  “This is amazing” said her mom, Fran, through tears.

Madison was born with spina bifida, a birth defect in which the bones of the spine (vertebrae) do not form properly around the spinal cord.  She is unable to walk. Madison was sent home with foster parents after a planned adoption fell through.  Her foster parents fell so much in love with her that they adopted her into their loving family.

Madison’s doctor prescribed a stander for her.  She has had 2 leg fractures and needs to weight-bare on her legs to strengthen the bones and muscles.  Medicaid denied the stander because they furnished a wheelchair.  Her physical therapist also believes that a dynamic stander with wheels will not only help strengthen her legs, but will also strengthen her trunk muscles and cognitive and motor skills as she learns to use it.

Madison’s mom has told us that she is using it everywhere and that she loves it.  Go Madison!