Meet Alysha!



Meet 12-year-old Alysha. She has many challenges caused from hypotonia and motors skills delay. She needs assistance with simple daily tasks. Alysha can only walk in short distances with help, and even then, she tires easily.  She is also nonverbal. This young girl is very happy despite her illness.

Alysha is determined to have a good life. She enjoys many things like other children. She listens to a variety of music. Alysha smiles and laughs at many of the songs. She watches SpongeBob SquarePants, too. The young girl does her best to be active, and she especially likes swimming. Furthermore, Alysha attends 6th grade and she has fun being around little kids in her school. Alysha is a great role model for children and a source of inspiration for adults!

Alysha is requesting an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength. She will also gain more independence. Please be a sponsor soon!

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Alysha loves her new therapy trike! Mom says they have been out every day for hours at a time. Alysha smiles and laughs as the warm breeze brushes against her soft checks while the feeling of freedom and independence fill her body.


This special therpy trike provides extra physical therapy at home to help build muscles and improve stamina and balance but most importantly it provides peer interaction allowing Alysha to ride a bike just like all her friends!