Arianna in her new adaptive stroller!



We are so excited for 12-year-old Arianna! She received a new Axiom Lassen Push Chair and it is working out great for her.  Arianna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She also suffered from a lack of oxygen, which caused severe brain damage. These complications have made her life difficult. Her cognitive acuity is equivalent to an infant. Arianna also cannot communicate. Furthermore, she eats using a g-tube. Arianna has more trials, but she is a brave girl who is not alone. 

Arianna’s nickname is Ari and her best friend is her mom, who works day and night to ensure her daughter is comfortable. The mom soothes Arianna by reading books to her and bedtime stories. The little girl enjoys playing with toys that have music or lights.  She also enjoys doing art projects. Arianna’s happiness is possible because of the mom’s unyielding dedication. Their bond is reflected by mom’s sometimes-weary eyes and always-gentle smile.

Arianna needed an adaptive stroller to make transportation easier for her and her mom. The new stroller will allow Arianna to maintain her doctor’s appointments. Her mom says the new adaptive stroller is a big help!  It is lighter and fits Arianna much better than her wheelchair, which she had outgrown!  Yay Arianna!