Meet Avery!


Meet five-year-old Avery. He was born premature and the only survivor of twins. Avery weighed only one pound at birth.  He was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The small child has limited muscular control. He is also cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. Avery’s strength shows through his personality.


Avery is very happy. He loves to laugh and smile. He listens attentively while his family reads children’s books. However, Avery loosens a hearty laugh whenever he hears a turning page. His silliness inspires other people, especially mom, who giggles at Avery’s humor. The young boy adores the attention, too. He is not interested in music, but his face lights up whenever somebody sings him a song. His smile illuminates like a thousand spotlights, and he can warm his family’s heart with the brilliance of a bold son.


Avery needs a car seat, so he can travel in safety and comfort. Please be a generous sponsor!



Avery loves his new car seat. Mom loves how well he fits and how safe he is while they are on the road. Going to all of Avery’s appointments just got a little bit easier for mom and Avery! Now she no longer has to worry about him slipping out of a seat that is too big for him.