Meet Delfin!


Meet 11-year-old Delfin. He was diagnosed with many illnesses, including quadriplegia, seizure disorder and insomnia. He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. He also walks using a gait trainer. Furthermore, Delfin cannot enjoy food like other children. Instead, he uses a G-tube, and feeding time is not fun for this child. Delfin, however, is a joyful boy courageous enough to push through his obstacles.

Delfin likes a variety of simple activities. He watches the television shows Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He went to see Coco in the theater. He was intensely focused and quiet during the entire film. Delfin also listens to music. His favorite performing artist is Romeo Santos, a Latin singer whose songs soothe and relax Delfin. The young boy attends school, too. He is currently learning numbers, colors and letters. Most of all, Delfin loves to cuddle. This always gives him the biggest smile. Delfin is simply irresistible!

Delfin needs an adaptive stroller to provide better and more comfortable transportation. Please be his sponsor!


Delfin loves his new adaptive stroller! This special light weight and fold-able wheelchair provides an easier way to transport during family outings Regular wheelchairs are very heavy and don’t always fit everywhere. Now, Delfin’s family has access to even more places than before!