Meet Dior!



Meet seven-year-old Dior. She was diagnosed with Guillan Barr syndrome (GBS), a disorder in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nerves. Dior was a completely healthy girl up until 2016. She collapsed, and doctors discovered she had walking pneumonia. She was then diagnosed with the rare GBS illness. She now has left-sided paralysis and walking is impossible. She also has a tracheotomy to help her breathe. The change this little girl experienced has not altered her personality.


Dior is described as being very bubbly and fun loving. She enjoys hanging out with her friends. Their favorite thing is to make slime and laugh at the gooey good time. Dior also likes visiting theme parks, especially Busch Gardens. Dior’s passion, however, is rap music. She sings along with her favorite artists, like Beyonce. More importantly, Dior writes her own rap music. Don’t be surprised if Dior raps her way into the spotlight, and into your heart.


Dior needs a wheelchair ramp for home. The equipment will help to regain her independence. Please be a sponsor soon!


With these new thresh hold ramps Dior has gained the independence to access her house and her favorite play area in her wheelchair. Now she doesn’t have to rely on Mom to help her every time she wants to play!


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