Meet Elizabeth!


Meet seven-year-old Elizabeth. She was a healthy girl until a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. The accident caused her spinal cord to be severed.  She is now paralyzed below the chest. Elizabeth is unable to use her legs, and everything is challenging. The accident changed her life, but not her heart.


Elizabeth is best described as resilient. She transfers herself using upper body strength. She can dress and shower without any assistance. She does all of this and more with a great sense of humor, too. Elizabeth frequently jokes about her situation and her laughter is contagious. Elizabeth’s grandma says that her daughter has a beautiful spirit, and she is a source of inspiration.   A tragic accident broke Elizabeth’s back, but this disabled girl has a spine of steel. And a heart of gold to match.


Elizabeth needs a special hand tricycle to maintain her upper body strength while having fun exercising. Please be a sponsor soon!



Elizabeth loves her new hand trike! This special therapy trike is peddled with her hand allowing Elizabeth to take a ride just like all the kids her age. She was so excited to get on the trike for the first time that she would not get off, she just kept going and going!