Meet Emily!


Meet five-year-old Emily. She was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes multiple challenges. She is cognitively underdeveloped. Emily is nonverbal. She is also dependent on her family for everyday tasks, including bathing and transfers. This little girl remains positive and happy as she struggles with her limitations.

Emily does not let Rett syndrome control her childhood. She watches television and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but don’t tell the iconic character that Emily loves Minnie the best! She has great fashion sense, too. Emily dawns a big grin whenever wearing a pink dress. Furthermore, her hobby is painting. Emily likes using vivid colors with her pictures, and of course, pink is dominant! She even enjoys outdoors activities, including swinging in the park and swimming with the help of her family. In fact, Emily adores her parents. She rarely complains whenever they assist her with difficult tasks. Emily just smiles to let her parents know that everything is okay. Mom describes her daughter best. “Emily is our heart and soul.”

Emily needs a Rifton hygiene and toileting system to make bathroom activities safer and easier. Currently, these tasks are very hard for Emily and her family. Using the new equipment with their recently modified bathroom will be a huge help. 


Emily has received her Rifton hygiene and toileting system, so now she and her family will have a much easier time performing bathroom ADLs!