Meet Emma!



Meet five-year-old Emma. She was diagnosed with hypotonia, metabolic disorder and developmental delay. The illnesses result in a challenging life. Emma is cognitively equal to an infant, and she is mostly nonverbal; she does pay attention when her name is called. Her mobility is limited to crawling. Simple colds even put her into the hospital. Nothing, however, keeps this child from happiness.


Emma is joyful. During a school activity called Circle Time, she dances like nobody is watching! She cannot wait to dance by waving her arms in the air, and any song puts her in the mood to bust a move! She also feels great being outside, especially swimming at the beach. Water invigorates her, and she has fun splashing unsuspecting victims! Emma likes many other pastimes, but in any occasion, she can be seen laughing, giving kisses or cuddles. She never meets strangers, and friends are plentiful. Emma is a disabled girl who spreads joy to her world.


Emma needs a special seating system to provide her with more comfort and support during meals. Please be her sponsor soon!



Emma received her Special Tomato seat at one of our events! She wanted to be in it right away. AS soon as she was all buckled up a huge smile lit up her precious face. Mom is so happy to have a safe and comfortable alternate seat for her child. “It is easy to just take anywhere and now I know Emma will always have a safe seat wherever we go.” Says Mom happily.