Faith’s Success Story


Meet 13-year-old Faith. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She can walk in short distances using an assistive device. This limitation, however, only compels her to keep moving forward with a smile.

Faith has varied interests similar to other girls her age. Her favorite tv show is Grey’s Anatomy. She listens to hip hop dance music. She also enjoys spending a Saturday afternoon eating pizza and watching Gators football with her family. During the weekdays, Faith is a hard-working student at school—her favorite subject is math. More importantly, Faith is an outgoing girl with a determination to overcome all obstacles, a trait learned from her loving dad, who is a first responder.  Meet Faith and her family and discover the meaning of bravery.

Faith needed an adaptive tricycle to increase her leg strength and stamina. Her physical therapist says that it will improve her strength and stamina.  Thanks to an anonymous donor AND Athletes Helping Athletes, Faith is out riding the trails with her family and getting some much-needed exercise on her new adaptive trike!