Meet Gilberto!


Gilberto L Photo

Meet 17 year-old Gilberto. The young man has cerebral palsy and several challenges to overcome. He is cognitively underdeveloped for a boy his age. He is unable to walk without assistance. He is also currently in the process of getting a g-tube for eating. Last year was especially difficult for Gilberto; he had surgery to remove one of his kidneys. These obstacles do not get in the way of Gilberto’s happiness.

Gilberto is a boy who loves a variety of amusements. He listens to a style of Hispanic music known as Duranguense. He watches soccer, too. He always cheers for Mexico’s team whenever they score a goal. Gilberto enjoys the outdoors as well as animals. He adores his dad’s goat and chickens. His favorite animal, however, are horses. Someday Gilberto hopes to get a horse of his own, of course! He would choose one activity over all others, playing baseball with his siblings. Gilberto loves his family, especially his newborn brother. Not even cerebral palsy can prevent the gentle boy from holding the baby in his arms.

Gilberto is requesting an adaptive tricycle to promote better leg strength and balance. Please help him soon!




Gilberto loves the freedom he has on his brand new adaptive tricycle. Being able to ride on his own has given him a new smile! Whenever he is ridding a huge smile comes across his face and the look in his eyes let you know how much he is enjoying just being a boy!