Meet Jason!



Meet 13-year-old Jason. He was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. His challenges are numerous. His cognitive ability is equivalent to a six-month-old child. He is nonverbal. Jason also eats using a tube. Furthermore, he has lost one eye and the other is completely blind. These traumas, sadly, are less significant than the violent abuse he once endured at the hands of cruel people. Despite all this and more, the brave boy has a blessing.


In 2013, Jason was given  his greatest gift. He was adopted by a loving family. They work hard to make the new addition happy. His dad is often finding reasons to use his power tools, but he really only has one purpose: the noise cheers up Jason. The blind boy, however, is thrilled simply to hear his daddy. Jason also likes being touched. He holds his hand out whenever hearing a familiar voice; he is  frequently hugged and cuddled. The family even took Jason to march in a  parade. Jason wheeled his little bicycle and nobody matched his smile. Jason is loved, and dad describes the feeling for his son, “He is the light of my life, he makes us whole, he makes us a family. I can’t imagine our family without him.”


Jason needs a wheelchair lift for his vehicle. Please be a generous sponsor so he can maintain doctor’s appointments.




Jason’s family vehicle got their lift! Mom is so happy she can now take him to all his appointments on her own. “It used to be so difficult to go anywhere because I couldn’t pick up his wheelchair and I always had to wait for someone to help me. Now, I can put his wheelchair on the lift and we can go anywhere we need to go!”