Jazmin’s new tricycle!



Jazmin has received her new adaptive tricycle! The sweet eight-year-old was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 2, which progressively weakens the child’s muscles. Jazmin is not able to walk, but this disability does not prevent her from being a fun-loving girl.

Jazmin enjoys activities similar to other kids her age. She likes the columbian singer Jay Balvin. Hearing his music inspires her to perform wheelchair dance moves worthy of a music video. She also goes to the park with her friends and family. The Sunshine and fresh air make her feel serene. Jazmin does this and more usually with her mom. The mother and daughter duo are best friends. Their bond is strengthened each time the mom sees her disabled daughter smile as if life is perfect. Jazmin’s message is clear. Perfection comes from the heart.

Jazmin’s request for an adaptive tricycle has become a reality. She looks forward to using it at the park. The trike will also promote better leg strength and stamina. Hooray for Jazmin!