Meet Jose!



Meet nine-year-old Jose. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Jose is unable to walk. He is also nonverbal. This young boy does not permit the illness to bring him down.


Jose has several methods to distract from his challenges. He likes watching television and movies. His favorite shows are The Magic School Bus and Tom & Jerry. Jose is a big fan of Pete’s Dragon. He watches football, too. He does not cheer for any team; he just loves the sport. Jose is active with his family. He cannot wait to take a vacation to Sea World’s water park, Aquatica. The boy is even determined to be healthy. He works hard during therapy riding an adaptive tricycle. He pedals around a room in hopes of gaining strength. The harder he pumps his legs, the further he leaves behind his disability.


Jose needs a specialized tomato seat that will give him an alternate way to sit and provide more comfort and support. Please be a generous sponsor for him soon!  



Jose loves his new activity chair. this chair provides a safe alternative to sitting in his wheelchair. No one should have to sit in the same chair all day log! 


Look at his smile!