Meet Juan!


Meet seven-year-old Juan. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The illness progressively weakens muscles. Juan’s walking is becoming more difficult.  He will eventually be wheelchair bound. Juan will continually have to adjust to this harsh condition, but he is very positive despite the impending limitations.

Juan is like other kids his age. He watches sports and even plays baseball. This is becoming harder, but his amazing teammates help him to participate. He also has many friends in school. Juan is eager to learn, but his favorite part is hanging out with his buddies during recess. Juan enjoys being with his family, too.  During the evening, Juan likes to cuddle with his parents. He cozies between mom and dad. Before falling asleep, he says, “I love you.” They share the same dream – for this moment to last forever.

Juan received Rifton tricycle which will help slow the progressive muscle loss in his legs. He can also ride the trike with his friends and enjoy being a kid while he gets the added physical therapy!