Meet Julian!



Meet 15-year-old Julian. He was diagnosed with a form of cerebral palsy known as spastic diplegia. His mobility is both neurologically and physically impaired. He is cognitively underdeveloped.  Julian is very brave and positive despite the illness.

 Julian has ways that distract from his challenges. He watches soccer on television. His favorite movie is Barney. He listens to latin pop and salsa music, too. Julian sometimes prefers to be a boy around town. His favorite restaurant is having a tasty meal and a vanilla shake at Chic-Filet. There is only one spot where Julian wants to go for vacations, the Magic Kingdom. The sights, sounds and rides capture his imagination. Disney also takes him to a place where illness does not exist. This is his happy place. Meet Julian and understand the meaning of joy.

 Julian needs a new wheelchair for more comfortable and easier mobility. 

Julian received his new wheelchair thanks to the Miami Elks Lodge. Julian’s previous wheelchair was so small he was no longer allowed to school as they considered it dangerous for him. His new (and larger) wheelchair has all the support accessories he needs and tie downs so he can ride the school bus! No more missing school Julian!