Meet Kaleb!



Meet two-year-old Kaleb. His life began with a tragedy. He had a twin brother who died in his 16th week of gestation. Kaleb was born during the 32nd week. He was diagnosed with a myriad if illnesses, including Microcephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum and seizure disorder. He is cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. Kaleb is also just learning how to walk. The young child is joyful even with his obstacles.


Kaleb likes anything that stimulates his senses. He is mesmerized by bright colors, lights and energetic sounds. Christian and children’s music are his favorite songs. He enjoys books with tactile pages. To relax, Kaleb takes a car ride with his family. He even works hard in therapy, except when he feels lazy and pretends to be asleep; we all have THOSE moments! Kaleb, however, is usually found giggling and smiling as if he has no care in the world, even when the wait of the world seems to rest on his small shoulders.


Kaleb needs a wheelchair lift for the family vehicle, so he can travel in safety. Please be a generous sponsor for Kaleb!


Kaleb received a wheelchair lift for the family car. Now the family can go to his many doctor appointments with ease knowing that the wheelchairs travels safely with them!