Meet Karlee!




Meet 15 year-old Karlee. Last December Karlee suffered from a serious seizure. She was rushed to a hospital where doctors discovered a tumor on her brain. She had surgery to remove the mass, but the procedure resulted in severe complications. Karlee has left-side paralysis. She walks with difficulty using a cane. She also lacks any motor control with her left arm. Regardless of her paralysis, Karlee is a vibrant teenager.

Karlee engages in a variety of pastimes. She is a nature girl, and a writer. She combines both and sits peacefully outside while writing anything that inspires her creative mind. Karlee is also interested in horses. During her childhood she never played with baby dolls. Instead, she had a collection of baby horses. She is currently hoping to be involved with equine therapy. Furthermore, she watches sports, such as baseball. Her favorite team is the Arizona Diamondbacks.  She even likes playing sports. This young lady was once an avid archer. She listens to music, too. She enjoys mostly country such as Tim McGraw, but her unique taste is marching band music. She was once in a band and she has a strong appreciation for the cool sound. Karlee’s left-sided paralysis is no match for the determined girl. She is whole heartedly perfect in every way.

Karlee is requesting an adaptive tricycle to regain the strength in her left leg. Her family are ardent bike riders as they set new goals for distance each summer. An adaptive tricycle will allow Karlee to join her family in the fun and exercise. Be a sponsor for her soon!




Karlee is anxious to do her part on the summer biking goal! She has a brand new adaptive tricycle to help her do it! Having the possibility of not participating in this long standing family tradition was making Karlee sad and little motivated. Nos that she can join in with the family summer fun there is no stopping her!