Meet Keyambry!


Meet 13-year-old Keyambry. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has numerous struggles. Keyambry is unable to walk. She is also incapable of speech. Furthermore, the little girl is blind and cognitively underdeveloped. Keyambry remains cheerful with the dedication of two special people.


Keyambry finds her own ways to have fun. She enjoys anything which graces her ears. Disney musicals are her favorite. She also likes listening to stories read by her grandma and grandpa. In fact, they are her primary care givers. Grandma and grandpa take her to church on Sundays and to the mall whenever a good time is needed. They also go on strolls in the park where sunshine throws a warm blanket over Keyambry’s  smiling face. Nothing is more soothing for this disabled girl, however, like the comfort of her family.


Keyambry needs a ramp for the family van so her wheelchair can be placed in the car and she can travel securely. Currently, she lays on the seat, which is uncomfortable and unsafe. Be a sponsor soon for Keyambry!



Keyambry Has her wheelchair ramp! Both Grandpa and Grandma are very excited to be able to roll Keyambry’s wheelchair into the car. Before, they would have to yank the wheelchair into their van which was a tiresome and unsafe task!