Meet Marysue!



Meet 14-year-old Marysue. In 2013, this young lady was a healthy and active girl. Unfortunately, she contracted an illness known as white brain disease, which severely affected her motor skills. Marysue is forced to relearn everyday simple tasks, including talking and walking. Currently, she is completely dependent on others for her mobility. Marysue also had 3 surgeries, some of which involved putting a rod in her spine and metal screws in her feet. She had many setbacks, but her goal in life is to move forward.

Marysue is very outgoing. She enjoys meeting people, but playing outside with her friends is just as great. She attends church with her family; having faith in God gives her strength. Marysue also endeavors to seek excellence. Her favorite subject in school is math. Most people dislike arithmetic, but Marysue sees each problem as a fun riddle to solve. Furthermore, Marysue aspires to be a veterinarian. She adores animals, especially her cuddle buddy, a small terrier dog. The career choice is perfect for this compassionate girl. Marysue is open with her feelings. Each time Marysue sees somebody she loves, her response is to blow a kiss and say, “mmm!” Meet Marysue. She turns tragedy into triumph.! And, her smile can transform anyone’s bad day into a moment of inspiration.


Marysue received her gait trainer on April 20, and look at her go!  We are so happy to have been able to help this wonderful young lady!