Meet Myrica!



Meet 13 year-old Myrica. Doctors diagnosed her with spina-bifida. She was also born with only one leg ,and her other has a condition known as clubfoot. She remains a strong-willed and independent girl regardless of her disability.


Myrica recently joined a band where she is their star flute player. Her other favorite school subjects include language arts and reading. She especially enjoyed the book that inspired a hit movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Myrica has a very active mind. Another of her hobbies is painting with water colors. Her artwork is very vibrant and lively. The pictures pale in comparison to the artist. Myrica has a magical ability to illuminate a room full of people. The worst day can feel great whenever Myrica flashes her radiant smile!


Myrica requests new parts for her wheelchair, which is now too small and uncomfortable. She will be grateful to anybody who can help!



With all her updates completed Myrica is ready to roll!!! Her bright smile says it all as she shows off her newly updated wheelchair.