Noel’s family gets a hitch for their vehicle!



Hooray! Noel’s family now has a hitch on their vehicle and are able to move forward with getting a wheelchair lift installed on it.  The lift has been approved by insurance, but the hitch was not.  The family was unable to purchase one on their own so they asked Wheelchairs 4 Kids for help.

The past few months have been rough for this sweet 11-year-old girl. Diagnosed with T9 Paraplegia, she had spinal surgery in October and hasn’t been the same since. Once able to enjoy various activities including swimming and skateboarding, she is now homebound. Noel uses a power wheelchair for mobility and while she is verbal, she doesn’t talk much.

Noel has many favorite things!  She loves sushi and enjoys listening to R & B music.  She is the apple of her mother’s eye and enjoys being around her loving family. It is with their support, that she keeps plugging along despite the challenges she is faced with on a daily basis.

We are so happy for Noel!  Once the lift is installed, Noel will be able to get out of the house and her life will improve immensely!