Meet Oliver!



Meet one-year-old Oliver. He was born premature and spent several months in the hospital after enduring three surgeries. He was diagnosed with numerous conditions, including hypotonia and Hydrocephalus. He suffers from visual impairments. Oliver is learning how to roll over to his side, despite having no head control. He is also beginning to communicate by making certain sounds. This little boy is able to get through his struggles with the best support system.


Oliver has a sweet family. They include him in everything. Oliver and his brothers will sit and listen to upbeat children’s songs or soothing classical music. Dad will hold Oliver on his lap and watch any sport involving teams from Pittsburgh. The family’s favorite activity, however, is tickling Oliver and hearing his adorable laugh. Meet Oliver. He is a disabled child who can cure anyone’s bad day.


Oliver needs a wheelchair with extra support so he can go out and see the world! Be a sponsor for him soon!



Oliver got his new stroller! Now, with the needed support, Oliver is able to sit up while enjoying a ride in his stroller. He gets a whole new perspective of the world! He is all smiles as he discovers every tree and every house he sees on his walks.