Parker gets vehicle lift!



Two-year-old Parker is all smiles! The installation of a wheelchair lift on the family vehicle is complete and now his caregivers will be able to transport his power wheelchair.  Parker was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, an illness that has caused many challenges in this boy’s life. He is unable to walk and also struggles with breathing and swallowing. Parker is described as always being happy in spite of his ailments.

Parker has several ways to be joyful. He enjoys seeing animated movies; he never gets tired of watching The Land Before Time. Parker is also a big golf fan. He had an amazing birthday party that was themed around the popular sport. He is an animal lover, too. His favorite theme park is Sea World. Parker is fascinated with all of the unique marine life. These activities pale compare to Parker’s best interest. Hugs. Nothing makes this sweet boy smile like a soft embrace from a friend. The world would be at peace if we valued hugs as much as Parker.

The new lift will make transportation much safer for Parker and his parents. It will also allow him to maintain important doctor’s appointments. Hooray for Parker!