Sabrina receives her new customized walker!



Twenty-year-old Sabrina has received her new customized walker! Unlike her previous one, it fits her current needs and will allow her to sit and use her legs!  This courageous young lady was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia, which has caused many trials in her life. She cannot walk. Sabrina is also unable to speak, however, she utilizes an assistive device to help her communicate. Sabrina has other limitations, but she remains a very capable individual.

Sabrina is fun-loving and ambitious. She enjoys going to the mall and eating at restaurants. Her favorite place to dine out is at Bahama Breeze. She also listens to contemporary music. Artists such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber motivate Sabrina to dance in her wheelchair. She watches movies, too. Her favorite film is The Hunger Games. Sabrina is even driven to succeed. She is currently attending college and majoring in computer technology. Sabrina is remarkable. She has more adversity in a single day than some people experience in a lifetime, and yet she is eager to face her challenges with uncommon bravery.

 The new light weight walker has already made life better for Sabrina. She is getting much needed exercise! Go Sabrina!