Meet Sean!



Meet 12 year-old Sean. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Many limitations are part of his daily life. Sean’s cognitive development is equivalent to a 4 year-old child.

He struggles walking. Speaking is also an ordeal. He is described as a boy who refuses to lose any more capabilities.

Sean is a fighter. He works hard every day to walk and stand. He even participates in the Special Olympics. The event is more than a challenge for Sean, but he is more than a competitor. Sean pushes himself past disability and discomfort to not just win a sport, but to conquer his disease. Sean’s determination makes him a champion.

Sean needs a manual wheelchair. His current chair is broken down and uncomfortable. Please be a generous sponsor so Sean can regain his independence.



Sean finally has a wheelchair he can call his own! After enduring months on a borrowed and ill fitting wheelchair Sean now has a brand new wheelchair fit just for him! Red and black are his favorite colors and we made sure his wheelchair included them. 


After a couple of minutes in his new wheelchair we approached Sean and asked him what he thought of his new chair… “I really like it, can I keep it?”


Enjoy your new chair Sean and the safety and confort it provides for you!