Tevin’s dream comes true!




Tevin loves riding his new adaptive tricycle! The 10-year-old has countless ordeals caused from a severe form of epilepsy. His inability to verbally communicate can be very frustrating. He also has seizures which cause him to fall and have a blank stare. The episodes are random, frightening and difficult to control. These and other impediments hinder Tevin’s capacity to walk. However, he is a very resilient boy.

Tevin likes having fun in a variety of methods. He watches baseball and football. His favorite team is the Denver Broncos. His hobby is collecting and playing with miniature trains. During the week, he attends school where he is excited to learn about science. Tevin and his family also enjoy taking camping trips. This young boy feels his best when he is getting fresh air and sunshine. Many people may be upset when they get a small injury, like a paper cut or a bruised elbow. Tevin has a harsh condition that never heals or goes away, and yet his smile never vanishes.

The adaptive tricycle will help make Tevin more independent while having fun at the same time!  Yay Tevin!