Meet Trenton!



Meet Trenton. He was diagnosed with multiple disorders, including cerebral palsy and neural muscular scoliosis. He is not able to walk, and a wheelchair is his only means for independence. He is also cognitively equivalent to a five-year-old child. The discrepancy between age and acuity only shows that Trenton is forever young.

Trenton is best described as fun and joyful. He likes the sweetest things, including the always kind-hearted Barney the Dinosaur. He likes music, too. Trenton hears a favorite song and he dances in his wheelchair. He also enjoys the outdoors and taking strolls in the park. Most of all, Trenton lights up whenever he visits the Disney theme park. Meet a modern Peter Pan. His name is Trenton, and he is our happy thought.

Trenton needs an adaptive stroller. His wheelchair does not fit inside the family vehicle. A stroller will allow him to travel around town in their car. Please sponsor Trenton!



Trenton is so happy to have his new travel wheelchair. This wheelchair will allow access to places where his wheelchair would not go. Thicker wheels and a slim and fold-able design make this travel wheelchair ideal for Trenton!