Meet Will!

Will C Photo

Meet 5 year-old Will. The boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and this year he is scheduled to have surgery on his tendons. He is unable to walk, except on his knees. Will also has a mild cognitive delay, however, he is a very curious and intelligent boy.

A renaissance man is described as somebody who has many interests. Will is a renaissance boy. He is a fan of everything WWE, including their energetic music. He gets especially excited when the tag team New Day wrestles in the squared circle. He enjoys outdoor activities, too.  His favorite pastime during great weather is playing on the swings in his backyard or at the park. His taste in food is wide spread; his favorites range from broccoli and cucumbers to pizza and Chinese food. He also attends kindergarten. Will cannot wait for P.E. and math class. He is very adept at numbers and loves solving problems. Will’s best talent, however, is making new friends. People gravitate towards his infectious personality! Finally, he is the dominant sibling of 7 brothers. Nothing holds back iron Will.

Will is requesting a manual wheelchair so he can get around school with greater independence. Please be a generous sponsor to keep him moving forward!





Will is a happy boy in his new wheelchair. Having a growth spurt is no longer a problem. He fit comfortably and safely in his new wheelchair.